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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Anti Terrorism Ministry
Anti Terrorism Minister Dr. Anthony Fernandes [Republican]
Deputy Anti Terrorism Minister Robert Morris [Republican]
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Twelve Worldwide Population-Balanced Provincial Parliaments
Ministry Members; please click the link above link to view monthly Provincial cycles.
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Contact the Anti Terrorism Ministry
Anti Terrorism Ministry "Directors Only" Facebook Page
Anti Terrorism Ministry "International Parliament Group 9" Facebook Page
Anti Terrorism Ministry: http://international-parliament.org/ma-p-es.html
UCC-All-New-Members-Help-Sign-up Facebook Page (Join Here to Get Help/Info. Via Facebook)
Closed Facebook Page for Anti Terrorism Ministry

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Administrator Jasbir Singh [Republican]
Administrator Pamela Elizondo [Green]
Deputy Administrator Dewayne Watkins [Republican]
Assistant Administrator Shihan Pietro Abbate [Republican]
* * *


Director Ms Monica Couto [Republican]
Director MS Saela Shinsen [Republican]
Director Excellency Mr. Mohamad Syarifuddien Bin Mohd Yatim [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Victoria Thomas [Victoria Thomas]
Director Excellency Dr. Mohammad Khakbazan [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Dragan Vidojkovic Wolf [Republican]
Director Mangilal [Nationalist People's Front]
Director Excellency Maziyyar Nobarani [Info. Not Avail.]
Director CADEAU Roosvelt [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Excellency Ali Roumy Kloucheh [Info. Not Avail.]

Director Siddharth Ghosh [Republican]
Director Excellency Dr. Maziyyar Meshkat [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Prof Dr ALI CHAHIN, Duke of Borgholm [Political and Diplomacy Affairs and Human Rights Protections]
Director Ahmed Abousharkh [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Pietro Abbate [Republican]
Director Billy Miller [Republican]
Director Gopal Parashar [Republican]
Director Luigi Greci [Republican]
Director Prakash Wagh [Republican]
Director Sudhan Kannur [Republican]

Director Jaime Fernandes [Republican]
Director Jose Coello Laredo [Republican]
Director Eduardo Xavier Roldos Arosemena [Republican]
Director Roberto Nochang Carneiro [Republican]
Director Adnan Karasakal [Republican]
Director Bernd Hohle [Republican]
Director Francisco Narvaez [Republican]
Director Salam Fouad Kahil [Republican]
Director Jose Antonio Hernandez Hernandes [Republican]
Director Marvin Salgado [Republican]

Director Velislav Bonev [Republican]
Director Abdeliah Larhnimi [Republican]
Director Anatoliy V Kremnev [Republican]
Director Kostas Kanakis [Republican]
Director Zoltan Veres Veres [Republican]
Director Wolfgang Joss Held [Republican]
Director Julio Riberio Cortez [Republican]
Director KrissHristo Georgiefv Shtangata [Republican]
Director Eduard Stroe [Republican]
Director Wojciech Dudkowski [Republican]

Director Ali Akbar Hehaitu [Republican]
Director Mustafa S Statovci [Republican]
Director Angel Muniz [Republican]
Director Frankie S Sarenas [Republican]
Director Wiesiek Koluch [Republican]
Director Wilson Da Silva Santos [Republican]
Director Claudio Badwnas [Republican]
Director Roger Evelyn [Republican]
Director Antoine Di Fonzo [Republican]
Director Carlos Finales [Republican]
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