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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Senate Chamber
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Motions, Points of Order and Points of Personal Privilege
Agenda for Senate Chamber Conference - April 20th to August 5th 2017

ACCEPTABLE MOTIONS INCLUDE - Four Points - In order of Priority
Point of Order, Point of Personal Privilege, Point of Parliamentary Inquiry and Point of Information.

Senate Chamber Conferences Speaker Information
* * *

1. Motion #1, "No to Executions in Iran"
2. Resolution #1
3. Agreement #1
4. Direct Democracy Election
5. Motion #2, "Sign a protocol of cooperation between the Euphrates and the World Peace Organization"
6. _________________ (write-in)
7. _________________ (write-in)
8. _________________ (write-in)

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Senators of the International Parliament

Humanitarian Organization Party - 13 Senators

Lothar Krug [Humanitarian Organization], Annette Wolters [Humanitarian Organization], Johannes Merten [Humanitarian Organization], Mirko Hensel [Humanitarian Organization], Thomas Hensel [Humanitarian Organization], logo Ali Akil Khalil [Human Rights], logo James LeSage [Humanitarian], Ramona Kruck [Humanitarian Organization], Michael Kern [Humanitarian Organization], Evelyn Ermisch [Humanitarian Organization], Frank Ermisch [Humanitarian Organization], logo Dr. Haitham Durbie [Humanity], logo Fawzi Bitar [Humanity]

Parties with One Seat - 13 Senators

logo Germaine Stewart [Liberal], logo Bryant Hawkins [Earth Federation], Tersilio Benedetti [Parliamento Mondiale], logo Ludwig Falkenstein [Senator], logo Pamela Elizondo [Green], logo Dr. Buck Rogers [Conservative], logo Kwan Tera [One], logo Dr. May Khalil Mrad [PHD Journalism and Press Media], logo Michael Krejany [Freedom, Equity, and Justice], Lloyd David Lieberman [No Dogma], Wayne Christopher [Pastafarian]

Info. Not Avail. - 10 Senators

Michael Walton [Info. Not Avail.], logo Laura Frustaci [Info. Not Avail.], logo Ivon Ramzi [Info. Not Avail.], logo Ahmed Elbehiry [Info. Not Avail.], logo Theresa Fawzy Hanna Soliman [Info. Not Avail.], logo Francesco D'Alassandro [Info. Not Avail.], logo Dr. Hilal Medawar PhD [Info. Not Avail.], logo Prince Marshal Royal Ambassador Dato Seri Mahkota Dr. Bahman Mehrpour Sheijani [Info. Not Avail.], logo Madam Datin Wan Norazizulbaitie Bt Ds Wan Zulkafli [Info. Not Avail.], logo Rafeel S. Ahamed [Info. Not Avail.]

Ambassador Party - 7 Senators

logo Al Moetasem Bellah Omar [Ambassador], logo HRH Datuan Rajo Dr. Khadim Hussain Dahot [International Diplomacy], logo Dr. Akram Sabry [Goodwill Peace Ambassador], logo Rafat Iskandar [Ambassador] logo Tareq Hamdan [Chief Ambassador], logo Jurgen Paul Otto [Ambassador], logo Dr. Mahmoud Haridy [Ambassador]

Peace on Earth Party - 4 Senators

Allen McKinney [Peace on Earth], logo Ambassador Dr. Sayed Salim Al Sous [Peace, Grand Master Freemason], logo Amb Kimicoh Kimico [Global Ambassador of World Peace], logo Senator Turkan Ergor [Peace] Turkey

Independent - 4 Senators

logo Hassan Abdrabu [Independent], logo Rana M. Sandlin [Independent], logo H.E. Mosharaf Chowdhury [Independent], Armando da Costa Jeronimo [Independent]

Democratic Party - 3 Senators

Yasin Arslan [Democratic], logo Count Dr. Prof. Eugenio Magnarin di Castronuovo [Democratic], logo H.H. Prinz Prof. Dr. Johann Feikes [Democratic People]

Republican Party - 3 Senators

logo Dr. Anthony Fernandes [Republican], logo James Ogle [Republican], logo Rudolf Nikolic [Republican]

New World Party - 2 Senators

logo Frank-Michael Hensel [NWP], logo Michel Tia [NWP]

Women's Rights and Justice Party - 2 Senators

logo Oroba Raheem Yakoob [Women's Rights and Justice], logo Jennifer Naidu [Women Empowerment and Education]
* * *

Total: 59 Senators (11/15/2017)
* * *

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