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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

The United Coalition of Candidates (UCC)

United Coalition of Candidates (UCC) 2018 Video
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Contact the UCC
Telephone: USA (831) 747-5863
Email: ucc@allpartysystem.org

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2016 Winner in Ghanna General Election on December 7th, 2016:

President Nana Akuffo Addo (NPP) - WIN!
* * *

2016 Winners in USA General Election on November 8th, 2016:

President Donald Trump [Republican] - WIN!
US Senator (CA) Kamala Harris [Democratic] - WIN!
* * *

Candidates of the United Coalition of Candidates in 2016:

President of Ghanna:
Nana Akuffo Addo (NPP)

President of the U.S. (POTUS):
Gary Johnson [Libertarian]
Jill Stein [Green Rainbow]
Donald Trump [Republican]
Terry Wheelock [Independent]
Hillary Clinton [Democratic]

California Assembly, AD 62:
Baron Bruno [Libertarian]
Marco Antonio "Tony" Leal [Republican]
Autumn Burke [Democratic]

California USA Senate:
Loretta Sanchez [Democratic]
Kamala Harris [Democratic]

US Congress, CA CD 11:
Roger Allen Peterson [Republican]

California State SD 17:
Palmer Kain [Republican]

US Congress CA CD 38:
Ryan Downing [Republican]

California State AD 2:
Ken Anton [Libertarian]

California State AD 70:
Martha Flores Gibson [Republican]

California State AD 74:
Karina Onofre [Democratic]
* * *

Before June 15th 2016 Primary

Greg Conlon [Republican] for US Senate - California, nominated on 3/12/2016
Scot Olewine [Republican- Green Energy] for USA President - Puerto Rico, nominated on 2/7/2016
Keenan Dunham [Libertarian] for USA President - South Carolina, nominated on 2/7/2016
Andy Caffrey [Democratic] for USA President - California, nominated on 2/7/2016
Roger Nichols [Unity] for USA President - Missouri, nominated on 2/7/2016
James Le Sage [Humanitarian] for USA President - California, nominated on 2/7/2016
Jonah Bolt [One] for USA President - North Carolina, nominated on 2/7/2016
Edlira Zeka [Democratic] for USA Senate - California, nominated on 2/7/2016
John Fitzgerald Johnson [Independent] for President - Ohio, nominated on 2/7/2016
Tony Jones [Republican] for USA President - Rhode Island, nominated on 2/7/2016
Kent Mesplay [Green] for USA President - Texas, nominated on 2/7/2016
Verone Auzenne Thomas [Whig] for USA President - Louisiana, nominated on 2/7/2016
LeVonne Stone [Democratic] for USA President - California, nominated on 2/7/2016
Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian] for USA Senate - California, nominated on 2/7/2016
Mark Herd [Libertarian] for USA Senate - California, nominated on 2/7/2016
Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry [Green] for USA President - Ghana, nominated on 2/7/2016
Palmer Kain [Republican] for California's 17th State Senator District - Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Central and San Louis Obispo, nominated on 2/7/2016
Robert Morris [Republian] for US Senate - Ohio, nominated on 2/7/2016
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