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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Education Ministry

Education Minister Hunter Crow [Citizens Freedom]
Deputy Education Minister Daniel Penisten [Direct Democracy]
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Twelve Worldwide Population-Balanced Provincial Parliaments
Ministry Members; please click the link above link to view monthly Provincial cycles.
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Contact the Education Ministry
Education Ministry "Directors Only" Facebook Page
Education Ministry "International Parliament Group 11" Facebook Page
Education Ministry Home Page: http://www.international-parliament.org/education.html

UCC-All-New-Members-Help-Sign-up Facebook Page (Join Here to Get Help/Info. Via Facebook)
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logo Senator Count Dr. Prof. Eugenio Magnarin di Castronuovo [Democratic], logo Senator Jennifer Naidu [Women Empowerment and Education]
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Administrator Gan Veronica [Info. Not Avail.]
Deputy Administrator Daniel Penisten [Direct Democracy]
Associate Administrator James Ogle [Republican]
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Director Gan Veronica [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Gohar Nawaz [Advocate]
Director Matheus Bintoro [Info. Not Avail.]
Director "BJ" Jordan [Dallas Cowboys]
Director Jim Doyle [Republican]
Director Michel Faly [RHDP]
Director Ralph Hoffman [Republican]
Director Sandra J. Valiente [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Christopher Ho [Info. Not Avail.]
Director A. Garcia [Info. Not Avail.]

Director Prof Dr Mahmoud Ibrahim Negm [Democratic]
Director Santosh Lohar [Independent]
Director Sylvana de Groot [SP]
Director Ketan Chaturvedi [Independent]
Director Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Christian Dressel [International Parliament]
Director Phillip Bashline [U.P. Michigan]
Director Shehadeh Mahmoud El-Armouti [Democratic]
Director Michel Maurizio Pirrone [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Daniel J. Nadenicek [Earth Federation]

Director Doris Wagner [Social]
Director Brian Billings [Republican]
Director Patrick Menseh [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Oksana Cernovskaja [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Rhyno Schoeman [Real Estate, Business Owner]
Director Nabatanzi Martha Angella [Republican]
Director Vili Jeleva [Peoples Union]
Director Ashok Sharma [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Kristina McGinus [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Shahzad Akhtar [Info. Not Avail.]

Director Holly Oliver [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Adel Alwarfali [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Dr Sunny Kaur [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Saja Aqelous [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Zeljko Mandic [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Felix Gonzales Lara [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Horacio Daniel Fernandez [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Niranjan C. Bhat [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Ojeyinde Olatunde Gblolahan [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Yudi V. Peace [Info. Not Avail.]

Director Sarwono Wirya Weucana [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Ai Laitsa Baraja [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Rudiyanto Diky [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Neneng Sriwahyuni [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Eni Candrawati [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Damian Anderson [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Toma Mosiota [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Choukri Assimi [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Agil Manino [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Hoofgast [hoofgast]
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World Meet-up Centers

Navigation to the Earth's Twelve Population-Balanced Provinces (Est. 2016)

1. China #1
2. China #2
3. India #1
4. India #2
5. Africa #1
6. Africa #2
7. America #1
8. America #2
9. EurAsia and Middle East
10. Russia
11. Europe
12. Asia Pacific
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Individual "Republic of Earth Parliaments" Grouped by Continent (Est. 2013)
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Navigation for Education Ministry of the International Parliament's Cabinet

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Agenda Items
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Policy Guidelines
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Nominees for Administrators Who Have Accepted
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Linked Senators
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