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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Peace and Progress Ministry

Peace and Progress Minister Shahid Sheikh [Earth]
Deputy Peace and Progress Minister M. Javed Akhtar [Peace]
* * *

Administrator Mosharaf Chowdhury [Independent]
Deputy Administrator James Ogle [Republican]
Associate Administrator Rachid Kara Ahmed [Pace]
* * *

Twelve Worldwide Population-Balanced Provincial Parliaments
Ministry Members; please click the link above link to view monthly Provincial cycles.
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Contact the Peace and Progress Ministry
Peace and Progress Ministry Home Page: http://www.international-parliament.org/peace-progress.html
Peace and Progress Ministry "Group 46" Facebook Page

UCC-All-New-Members-Help-Sign-up Facebook Page (Join Here to Get Help/Info. Via Facebook)
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Director David Alonso Guiu [Global Peace]
Director Nathan Lawlor [One Global Nation of All Familes of Earth]
Director Foxmonstries [Foxmonstries]
Director N'Guessan Amoin Melanie [World]
Director Francis Okyere [NIL]
Director Zamble Tra Arsene [World]
Director Michael L. Winters [PACT PROJECT - Chief Advocate]
Director Leaf Mapother (Yaprak Agaoglu) [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Muhammad Asjad [Peace]
Director Asim Mehmood [Social Worker]

Director Barume Bisimwa Ziba [BARUME BISIMWA Ziba]
Director Joe Vizer [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Nichan Dmrjian [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Lloyd David Lieberman [No Dogma]
Director Waqas Zaheer [Peace]
Director Terry Earthwind Nichols [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Ihsan UL Haq [Social worker]
Director Muhammad Arqam Khan [Barakzai]
Director M.Ahmad [Educationist]
Director Diwash Lama [Info. Not Avail.]

Director Vinod Magnani [Republican]
Director Danish Ali [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Uwakwe Ikechi [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Mokwenye Henry Chike [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Zahid Shafiq [Independent]
Director Mehboob Ahamd [Independent]
Director Asif Mehmood [Progress]
Director WarrenDak [WarrenDak]
Director Dresdthece [Dresdthece]
Director AshlieTer [AshlieTer]

Director JohnnyReurf [JohnnyReurf]
Director HectorPlomb [HectorPlomb]
Director TatyaanaCem [TatyaanaCem]
Director WalterCat [WalterCat]
Director Roxor [Roxei]
Director RozaliaCem [RozaliaCem]
Director Asif Iqbal [Independent]
Director RichardDuela [RichardDuela]
Director Cedricderty [Cedricderty]
Director Lyadmivamox [Lyadmivamox]

Director EcranFilms [EcranFilms]
Director Kamran Hashmi [Accountanat]
Director Waqas Khadim [Businessman]
Director Ashiq Hussain [Peace]
Director Farukh Ali [Progress]
Director Nasir Mehmood [Teacher]
Director Aftab Ahmad [Educationist]
Director Faisal Aziz [Humanity]
Director Kraasivabuh [Kraasivabuh]
* * *

Navigation for International Peace and Progress Ministry of the International Parliament's Cabinet

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Policy Guidelines
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