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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Republic of Earth China

China Province #2 (p-2)
China Province #1 (p-1)
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Guangdong Province, Sichuan Province, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, Hubei Province, Yunnan Province, Jiangxi Province, Shaanxi Province, Fujian Province, Chongqing Municipality, Jilin Province, Shanghai Municipality, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Hainan Province, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Tibet Autonomous Region and Macau Special Administrative Region

President: King Wong [Humanitarian Organization] Hong Kong p-2
Vice President:
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Prime Minister:
Deputyu Prime Minister:
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Directors Votes for Executives • Executives' Votes for Cabinet • Guidelines

2238 Senator King Wong [Humanitarian Organization] Hong Kong p-2
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Guidelines (e-aps-1)

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Unity Platform (e-aps-6)

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Directors (e-aps-13)

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International Parliament (Est. 2016)

China #1 (p-1) - January
China #2 (p-2) - February
India #1 (p-3) - March
India #2 (p-4) - April
Africa #1 (p-5) - May
Africa #2 (p-6) - June
America North (p-7) - July
America South (p-8) - August
EurAsia and Middle East (p-9) - September
Russia and North East Asia (p-10) - October
Europe (p-11) - November
South East Asia (p-12) - December
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