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The International Parliament
"On Building A World Community of Republics"

Early History of the Ten Executives

History of the International Parliament's Original Ten Founding Executives
(Established on 8/10/2014)

Cathy Bilsky [Ubuntu] USA (picked Equality Chair on 11/2/2013)
Kristy Knight [Respublica of Earth] USA (Picked Ombudsman on 7/4/2014)
Heli Tattari [Respublica of Earth] Earth (Picked Ombudsman on 7/1/2014)
Haji Ajmal Shamali [Independent] Afghanistan (picked President on 9/18/2013)
Nikhil Chakma [Jumma indigenous people, Chittagong Hill Tracts] (Elected on 8/10/2014)
Ian Luckett [Respublica of Earth] UK (Picked Ombudsman on 7/2/2014)
Ernest Wells [Communist] USA (Picked Intelligence Director on 5/2/2013)
James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] USA (Picked Vice President on 9/18/2013)
Gary Jordon [Respublica of Earth] Earth (Picked Ombudsman on 6/29/2014)
Renil Chakma [Pahari Chatra Porishad Hill Students' Council] Bangledesh (Elected on 8/10/2014)

History of the International Parliament's Former Elected Founding Executives

Cindy Kay Carrier [Respublica of Earth] Earth (Picked Ombudsman on 6/29/2014)(stands down on 8/8/2014)
Jim Burns [Libertarian] USA (Picks Economist on 10/5/2013, to 12/20/2013 RIP)
Luzindana Adam Buyinza [Coordinator-US Free Parliamentary Party] Uganda (Picks Unifier on 11/22/2013)(Unelected on 8/10/2014)

Navigation for Electing Ten Executives of International Parliament (Eballot #3)

Nominated Names Accepting
Candidates' Statements
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Eballot #3 Totals
History of Elected Executive

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