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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Eballots #14 - Elects Cultural and Humanity Ministry Directors

Directions to All Voters

Please copy the eballot below, paste the eballot on an email message addressed
to unitedcoalition "at" international-parliament "dot" org, mark your choices in blank "___" space,
and reply to unitedcoalition "at" international-parliament "dot" org.

Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only.
Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2
beside your second choice, the figure 3 beside your third choice,
and so on. Consecutive numbers beginning with the #1 only.
You may rank as many choices as you please.
Do not put the same figure beside more than one choice/name.

<----Begin eballot, cut here and email to unitedcoalition "at" international-parliament "dot" org---->

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)

___ Prof. Dr. Prince Iguaci Luiz de Gouveia Junior [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Seri Paduka Md Lutfi Bin Yusof.Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Aji Sri Pangeran Iwan Gazali.AG.SH.MH.Ph.D [Independent]

___ Mehdi Javadi Ranjbar [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Paduka Shailendra Kumar,Ph.D. [Humanitarian]

___ Prince Theodor- Eduard Stroe [Independent]

___ Raju Salahuddin Khan [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Seri Wong Ka Hing Andrew,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Seri Fong, Ngai Wan Helen,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Baginda Raja Dede Riswara WA,Ph.D [Independent]

___ Prince Giuseppe Sardo [Independent]

___ Drs. A.A.G.A.B. Sutedja, SE.Ak [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Baginda Raja Ismail Martakerawang,Ph.D [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Sripaduka D'Raja Arie Danu Saputra,Ph.D [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Sri Pangera H.Ery Efendi Yusup,Ph.D [Independent]

___ Dato Seri Tan Boon Yek [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Seri Paduka Marietta Arguido Reformado,Ph.D [Independent]

___ Dr. Khadim Hussain Dahot [Independent]

___ Abdur Rehman Hafeez [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Shri Lalu Gde Pharmanegara Parman,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.H.c. Maharatu Srinila Karmila.Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Sripaduka Raja Muraini MR,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Sripaduka Raja Arsil, S.Pd,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Seri Paduka Lee Chee Ming, Ph.D [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Seri Kwong Yow Choy [Independent]

___ Dr. h.c. Dato' Seri Paduka D'raja Muhd Khairul Azhar Bin Ali Ph.D [Independent]

___ Commander Juliano Ribeiro [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Baginda Raja Zulkifli Tjikmat Djaya Sampurna,Ph.D.[Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Sripaduka Raja Rahmadi,S.Pd.Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Princess Nishi Rastogi Mendes [Independent]

___ Count Jose Carlos Pereira [Independent]

___ Prince Dom Oseas da Silva Costa [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Sri Pangeran Awang Wahyu,Ph.D [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Goh Kwee Keng [Independent]

___ Prof.Dr. Dato' Seri Paduka Robin Tan Yew Chai,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Seri Sin Man Kai Edmond,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Prof.Dr. Dato' Seri Sumphand Rathaphattaya [Independent]

___ Prof.Dr. Dato. Paduka Gopinath A Rajamanikam [Independent]

___ Prof.Dr. Sripaduka Ratu Segoro Kencanawati Endang Purwanti,SK,SH.Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c Sripaduka Ratu Kencana Aniska Pristia, A.md,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr. Price Dom Ydenir Prudenciano Machado [Independent]

___ Dato Seri Abdul Rchim Sardar [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. Dato' Seri Paduka Chong Tze Min [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c. H. Baginda Raja Andi Muhd Rizal Padjonga.SE.Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c Drs.H. Baginda Raja Malawangan Daeng Bella,Ph.D. [Independent]

___ Dato' Seri Paduka Shafran bin Haji Hassan [Independent]

___ Sripaduka Ratu Dr. Miranty Abidin [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c Sripaduka Ratu Karlina Damirie [Independent]

___ Dr.h.c Sripaduka Ratu Grance F.H Julia [Independent]

___ Sripaduka Ratu Feby Irma Kidomata [Independent]
* * *

<----End eballot, cut here and email to unitedcoalition "at" international-parliament "dot" org---->

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