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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Peace Corps Ministry

Eballot #44 - Simultaeously Elects Up To 50 Peace Corps Directors
11/12/2017 to 11/18/2017


Please copy the eballot below, paste the eballot on an email message addressed to unitedcoalition at international-parliament org, mark your choices in blank "___" space, and send the email to unitedcoalition at international-parliament dot org.

Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only. Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2 beside your second choice, the figure 3 beside your third choice, and so on. Consecutive numbers beginning with the #1 only. You may rank as many choices as you please.

Do not put the same figure beside more than one choice/name.

<----Begin eballot, cut here and email to unitedcoalition at international-parliament dot org---->

Please complete all requests (*=required fields):
*Your Name ______________________________ (write in)
Political Party ______________________________ (write in)
Your country ______________________________ (write in)
*Contact Method ______________________________ (write in)
*Contact Method ______________________________ (write in)
* * *

Simultaneously Elects Up to 50 Peace Corps Directors

___ _________________________________________ (write in new name)

___ _________________________________________ (write in new name)

___ _________________________________________ (write in new name)

___ Timothy Roland [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Ghita Petrus [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Parth Shah [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Amb Dr-Shahid Amin Khan [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Ali Imran [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Tracy Hanson [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Tariq Zaki [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Zieman Terrance [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Aijaz Ali Chhajro [International Mission for the Peace]

___ Kien Bi Tuehi Etienne [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Christelle Palazzi [Women's Rights]

___ Michael Aslas [Green Democratic]

___ Jalal Ahmed Ahmed [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Ajai Dittmar [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Gurudas Mukerji [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Andrew Shan [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Jellouli Abdelaziz [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Lovely Kumar [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Khan Jii Khan [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Bhakkar Kashif [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Khawaja Tariq Ismail [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Rabab Amhidi [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Roficul Islam Robi [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Syed Qasim Abid Rizvi [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Inam Sehgal [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Ramona Neumayer [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Zameer Syed [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Md Jahangir Ahmed [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Chukwudike Abraham [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Maffomina Nethzcs Anano [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Mary Katherine Butler [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Anna Bhai [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Moncef Ben Souissi [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Riaz Ali [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Martins Jacob [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Basem Muammar [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Mehdi Raei [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Antoine F. Sayegh [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Ahmed Alhasan [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Waheed Shaikh [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Akrayi Aldar [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Shame Sid [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Md Somon Khan [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Baloch Sultan Ahmed Jamali [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Hhajri Ep Kais [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Callistus Rogers Erondu [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Morris Hunt [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Dandouna Mahmoud [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Binkuwair Tradding [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Valer Moldovan [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Maria Gema Martin [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Mohammed Aminun [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Chandan Pal [Info. Not Avail.]

___ M Aftab Mehmood [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Moussa Sylla [Info. Not Avail.]

___ Jaidi Abdellatif [Espace Associatif (Social Developement)]

___ Jameshib [Info. Not Avail.]
* * *

<----End of eballot, cut here and email to unitedcoalition at international-parliament dot org---->

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