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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Global Entrepreneurs Development Ministry

Global Entrepreneurs Development Minister Lakhbir Singh Sokhi [Independent]
Deputy Global Entrepreneurs Development Minister Maheep Jyot Singh [Independent]
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Administrator Mosharaf Chowdhury [Independent]
Deputy Administrator Tami Jade [Independent]
Associate Administrator James Ogle [Republican]
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Twelve Worldwide Population-Balanced Provincial Parliaments
Ministry Members; please click the link above link to view monthly Provincial cycles.
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Contact the Global Entrepreneurs Development Ministry
Global Entrepreneurs Development Ministry "Group 43" Facebook Page
Global Entrepreneurs Development Ministry Home Page: http://international-parliament.org/g-e-d.html

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Director Gursagar Preet Singh [Software Engineer]
Director Jas Kanwal Kaur [Independent]
Director Jabarjang Singh [Independent]
Director S.K. Srivastva [Independent]
Director Balwinder Kaur [Independent]
Director Narinder Saggu [Independent]
Director Shashi Prashar Adv [Independent]
Director Hardit Singh Gobindpuri [Independent]
Director Harshinder Singh Sokhi [Independent]

Director Paul Chung [Independent]
Director Jasjit Singh [Independent]
Director Bhupinder Singh Kalsi [Independent]
Director Naveen Malik [Independent]
Director Manoj Arya [Independent]
Director Gursharan Singh Virdi [Independent]
Director Jeffcely Fernadez [Independent]
Director Deep Singh [Independent]
Director Harcharn Lamba [Independent]
Director Neha Verma [Independent]
Director Jaspal Matharu [Independent]

Director Pavandeep Tuli [Independent]
Director Jasbir Virdi [Independent]
Director Poly Kaur [Independent]
Director Parmeet Kaur Randhawa [Independent]
Director Suchismita Bhuyan Adv. [Independent]
Director Adv Rupinder Sandhu Patti [Independent]
Director Sangat Singh Bawa [Independent]
Director Inderjit Singh Kallirai [Independent]
Director BaldevSingh Garewal [Independent]
Director Pashaura Singh Dhillon [Independent]

Director Karam Sekhon [Independent]
Director Nita R.S. [Independent]
Director Surinder Kaur Bajwa [Independent]
Director Gurmel Sidhu [Independent]
Director Bikram Lamba [Independent]
Director Yash Pal Sharma [Independent]
Director Sadhu Binning [Independent]
Director Karnail Shergill [Independent]
Director Sonia Saini [Independent]
Director Harinder Malhi [Independent]

Director Chris James Arquette [Independent]
Director Nirmala Armstrong [Independent]
Director Jasbir Bedi [Independent]
Director Avtar Singh Matharu [Independent]
Director Saathi Ludhianvi [Independent]
Director Leela Beharie [Independent]
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