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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Law and Education Ministry

Law and Education Minister Vikas Mittra Saxena [Independent]
Deputy Law and Education Minister Ankit Singh [Independent]
* * *

Administrator Tami Jade [Independent]
Deputy Administrator Mosharaf Chowdhury [Independent]
Associate Administrator James Ogle [Republican]
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Twelve Worldwide Population-Balanced Provincial Parliaments
Ministry Members; please click the link above link to view monthly Provincial cycles.
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Contact the Law and Education Ministry
Law and Education Ministry "International Parliament Group 12" Facebook Page
Law and Education Ministry Home Page: http://www.international-parliament.org/law-education.html

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Director Dr. K K Sharma [Independent]
Director Dr. Rakesh Ranjan [Independent]
Director Dr. Shamim Ahmed [Independent]
Director Sourish Gangopadhya [Independent]
Director Dr Atul Sharma [Independent]
Director Iqrar Mohd [Independent]
Director Jagdish Mahapatra [Independent]
Director Rajinder Singh [Independent]
Director Mukesh Kumar [Independent]
Director Kunal Sharma [Independent]

Director Naresh Kohli [Independent]
Director Neeraj Kumar [Independent]
Director Kumar Rajesh [Independent]
Director Lalit Menon [Independent]
Director Gaurav Sharma [Independent]
Director Monika Verma [Independent]
Director Acharya Tarun [Independent]
Director Aditya Choudhary [Independent]
Director ADV. D.P.Singh [Independent]
Director Satish Kumar [Independent]

Director Anil Sharma [Independent]
Director Amit Srivastava [Independent]
Director Devrishi Singha [Independent]
Director Jagmohan Software [Independent]
Director ADV. Neelkanth Nayak [Independent]
Director Dr. Rajesh Lather [Independent]
Director Dr I. S Beniwal [Independent]
Director Monika Saxena [Independent]
Director Inderjeet Singh [Independent]
Director ADV. Kumar Ranjan [Independent]

Director Arvind Aggarwal [Independent]
Director Bhushan Kumar [Independent]
Director Prem Gaur [Independent]
Director Youvraj [Independent]
Director Dr Anil Sharma [Independent]
Director Rajay Ranjan [Independent]
Director Dr. S M Khan [Independent]
Director Ms. Geeta Chauhan [Independent]
Director Ranjna Deb [Independent]
Director Brij Mohan [Independent]

Director Prashant Upadhya [Independent]
Director Brijesh Sharma [Independent]
Director Vivek Kaushik [Independent]
Director Kaushal Kaushik [Independent]
Director Raja Naryan [Independent]
Director Prof. Dr. Aruna Singh [Independent]
Director Sapna Rai [Independent]
Director Laxmi Rai [Independent]
Director Dr. Narender Singh Shastri [Independent]
Director Prof. Dr Vanishree [Independent]
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Policy Guidelines
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