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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Navigation for Electing Executives and Historical Links 2014-2018 At Bottom of Page
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Welcome Members of International Parliament (MIPs) and Senators
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Click Link Below and Sign Up Now As MIP (Free)
(MIP = Member of International Parliament)
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As Member of International Parliament (MIP) or Senator, You Are Asked to Vote

--> You are asked to vote, but not required to
vote, for the "Ten Executives" and the guidelines
of the International Parliament (IP).
The ten Executives who are listed at the top of the main
index page of the site www.international-parliament.org
are to be the primary owners of the web site once
International Parliament is established
as a separate entity from the USA Parliament
as outlined in the approved guidelines.
* * *

To Vote on Ten Executives

--> Once elected as a MIP, you may obtain the "eballot"
for electing the ten Executives which is linked to
the words "MIPs Get Blank
Eballot #3 for Electing International Parliament Executives
and that link is near the very bottom of the main
web page of the www.international-parliament.org site.

--> If you have already added your vote, and it will be linked
on the main index page near the bottom where it says;
"See Marked Eballots for Electing Executives of the International Parliament".

--> The votes are listed in chronological order so when you
vote, your vote will be added to the top of the list of
marked eballots.

--> You may change your votes anytime as a "vote of confidence"
for the ten Executives and one set of guidelines.

--> The ten Executives are figure heads who elect the
sixty Cabinet Ministers.
* * *

To Vote on Guidelines

--> The Guidelines are voted on as one set or individually.

--> Each line is numbered so that if/when we want to make
specific improvements. You may write in a new
ranking of the improved guideline and then when the
word spreads among the membership, then other MIPs
may consider improving the set of rules.

--> Everyone always wants to improve the guidelines
and so we welcome your ideas!

--> The majority coalition is the biggest majority that
ranks one set of guidelines/rules achieving biggest majority
a so when you ranked the set of rules which are approved
then you become a member of the majority coalition.

--> Feel free to contact us
anytime you have any questions, etc.

--> Thank you very much for participating.
We need more people like you, so if you want
to be elected onto the executive, be sure
to let us know and we may help you lobby for
the needed votes, depending on what skills
you bring to the team.
* * *

Electing the Cabinet

--> The ten Executives rank the Cabinet Ministers and that's
known as the "parliamentary go-ahead", as written in and
approved in the guidelines.

--> The parliamentary go-ahead is what allows us to act very
fast as a Cabinet while also often maintaining 100% unity.
* * *

Navigation for Elected Members of International Parliament

All Elected Members' Eballot to Elect Guidelines "RESOLUTION NUMBER 1" (Eballot #1, Perpetual)
RESOLUTION NUMBER 1, Guidelines Approved
Marked Eballots for RESOLUTION NUMBER 1

First International Parliament Election 2022 (Paper Ballot #e-aps-16)
Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-16
Nominations for Paper Ballot #e-aps-16
Totals for #e-aps-16

Unity Platform (Paper Ballot #e-aps-17)
Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-17
Marked Blank Paper Ballots #e-aps-17

"Votes of Confidence" (Eballot #3, Perpetual)
Blank Eballot #3
Marked Eballot #3
Eballot #3 Totals

All Ten Executives' Agenda Items (Eballot #4, Perpetual)
Agenda Eballot #4
Proposed Eballot #4 Agenda Items
Marked Eballot #4 for Agenda
Eballot #4 Totals for Agenda
Agenda Items Eballot #4 Approved
Eballot #4-a Proposed Senator "Declaration" Agenda Items
Marked Eballots #4-a for Agenda

First International Parliament General Assembly Conferences (Eballot #117)
General Assembly Tele-Conferencing

Welcome Members of International Parliament (MIPs) and History!
International Parliament Voting Links
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The Twelve Population-Balanced, Republic of Earth, Provincial Parliaments (Est. 2016)

P-1) January - China #1
P-2) February - China #2
P-3) March - India #1
P-4) April - India #2
P-5) May - Africa #1
P-6) June - Africa #2
P-7) July - America #1
P-8) August - America #2
P-9) September - EurAsia and Middle East
P-10) October - Russia
P-11) November - Europe
P-12) December - Asia Pacific
* * *

International Parliament Cabinet
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Individual "Republic of Earth Parliaments" Grouped by Continent
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