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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

The United Coalition of Candidates (UCC)

Unity Platform International
1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019
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Eballot #13 - IP Direct Democracy, Simultaneously Elected Unity Platform

<----Begin eballot, cut here and email to unitedcoalition at international-parliament dot org---->

Please complete all requests (*=required fields):
*Your Name ______________________________ (write in)
Political Party ______________________________ (write in)
Your country ______________________________ (write in)
*Contact Method ______________________________ (write in)
*Contact Method ______________________________ (write in)
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Directions to All Voters

Please copy the eballot below, paste the eballot on an email message addressed
to unitedcoalition "at" international-parliament "dot" org, mark your choices in blank "___" space,
and reply to unitedcoalition "at" international-parliament "dot" org.

Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only.
Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2
beside your second choice, the figure 3 beside your third choice,
and so on. Consecutive numbers beginning with the #1 only.
You may rank as many choices as you please.
Do not put the same figure beside more than one choice/name.

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)

___ Non-Aggression Principle (NAP)

___ Term Limits

___ Immediate Labelling of All Foods

___ Restore Glass-Steagal Act

___ Proportional Representation

___ Election Law

___ Ratify Equal Rights Amendment and Article the First, Bill of Rights 1789

___ Shut down all coastal nuclear power plants because of the threat of rapid sea level rise.

___ Recycling

___ All our tax dollars worldwide should be used only for employing people restoring our earth and inhabitants, stop global warming and the need for war.

___ Voting Systems

___ Ranked Choice Votes (RCV) with Multi-seat Districts

___ Corporate Law
* * *

<----End of eballot, cut here and email to unitedcoalition at international-parliament dot org---->

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Unity Platform International
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